Contract hardening

Contract hardening

Decades of experience in the heat treatment of steel make us the perfect partner for contract hardening.

Experience is what counts

At ILMBERGER, we have been involved in the heat treatment of steel for over 60 years. With our modern multi-purpose chamber furnace system, we serve a wide range of heat treatment processes - from hardening, tempering and carburizing to tempering and stress-relief annealing. Even techniques such as nitriding in a salt bath and scale-free annealing are possible on commission in our retort.

As a special feature, we also offer hardening on the mandrel, for example to ensure the geometry of ring gears with internal teeth.

In order to ensure consistently high quality for you, our customers, we continuously invest in our extensive measuring and control technology. With the help of a variety of different measuring methods, we are able to create the optimum documentation for you on a customer and part-specific basis. For example, we can determine the material quality using a mass spectrometer. Our hardness measuring devices work according to the Brinell and Rockwell as well as the Vickers method and, of course, we are certified according to ISO 9001.

Our contract hardening service includes:

  • Comprehensive documentation tailored to your product
  • Very flexible processing time
  • Blasting of the hardened material

Our heat treatment techniques at a glance

Type of heat treatment Max. Batches/dimensions (in mm L x W x H) Max. Batch weight
Case hardening in the multi-purpose chamber furnace (MZKO) 900 x 500 x 700 300 kg
Carburizing MZKO 900 x 500 x 700 300 kg
Tempering (hardening + tempering) MZKO 900 x 500 x 700 300 kg
Annealing MZKO 900 x 500 x 700 300 Kg
Annealing retort (with scale protection) ø 600 x 1000 150 - 250 kg
TF1 (Nitrieren im Salzbad) ø 550 x 1000 150 kg
Rotary hearth oven on request

Questions or requests about contract hardening? Please get in touch with us.