In order to meet our high quality standard, all work steps in gearing technology can be obtained from a single source.

Know-how meets precision

In order to be able to guarantee our high quality standard, we at ILMBERGER carry out the majority of the work steps in gearing technology ourselves. We focus on tooth milling and grinding technology.

We constantly invest in gearing and test technology so that we are always at the cutting edge of development and can guarantee you top product quality.

Our innovative gearing technology at a glance:


  • soft

  • hard

Our modern CNC lathes are able to produce different geometries in uniform, high quality. The CNC programs created on 3D CAD / CAM workstation.

Milling / Drilling / Machine Center

With our 3 Machine Centers we are able to carry out up to 5-axis machining in one setting.


  • Hobbing

  • Bevel Gear Hobbing (spiral, straight-tooth)

  • Shaping (internal- and external teeth)

  • Planing

  • Broaching

Depending on the quality requirement, geometric arrangement of the teeth and production quantity, we use different technologies. Our priorities are hobbing, bevel gear hobbing (straight and spiral), shaping (internal and external), as well as planing and broaching (internal profile).


  • Carburisation and Hardening

  • Salt Bath Hardeningen and Tempering

  • Metallurgy Laboratory

In our mult-purpose chamber furnace we are able to do quench hardening and tempering, carborisation, hardening, tempering and stressless annealing. In addition we do bath nitriding, salt bath hardening and hardening of internal teeth in our rotary heat furnance. In our inhouse metallurgy laboratory we do various testing procedures and documentation of surface and core strength.


  • Cylindric Grinding (internal and external)

  • Surface Grinding

  • Threaded Wheel Grinding

Due to our various grinding machines we are able to reach highest quality and accuracy standards.


To optimize smoothness and running noise we are abel to lap bevel gears.

Mass Finishing

Depending on the type of abrasive used, we are able to deburr, descale, grind, matt and polish work pieces.