Product range

Precision – tooth in tooth

From drive shafts to gear racks

In the field of drive technology we manufacture high-precision gear wheels and other drive components for almost all branches of industry according to the Gleason method.

In addition to spur gears, bevel gears and worm gears, we also manufacture shafts, flanges, trigger wheels, hubs and other gearing parts with internal and external toothing.

We work meticulously for you on an efficient gearing solution tailored to your individual requirements. In the process we can carry out virtually all grinding processes. We concentrate in particular on a diameter range up to approximately 600 mm as well as on smaller and medium lot sizes.

  • Spur gears and bevel gears are variably milled, slotted, heat treated and ground according to customer requirements.

  • For high-precision bevel gears a data processing system with online connection to the machine is available for individual design, optimisation and correction.

  • Internal toothing can be manufactured if desired in a ground execution.

  • Furthermore, we offer contract treatments in our hardening shop.

Our product range includes, among other things, drive shafts, flanges, trigger wheels, bevel gears, hubs, pinions, planetary gears, (oil) pump impellers, spiral bevel gears, spur gears, worm gears, crown wheels and power take-offs.

With all of our products we concentrate on achieving maximum precision, quality, the longest possible service life and the greatest possible running smoothness. We are your expert partner when everything has to be perfectly geared!